Union Benefits


Member Benefits
You are not alone in the workplace

As a member of the CFT, you are part of a vital and active organization committed to upholding educational standards for our students and ensuring the best possible workplace for you. The power of the union stems from collective action. That begins with you, but you don’t stand alone. The CFT stands with you.

Security on the job

You have a reliable union to call on when you’re having trouble in the workplace and good contracts backed up by strong union representation. Top-notch professional field representatives are available to assist your local union in negotiating and in processing grievances resulting from violations of your contract.


Your Workplace Rights
From Weingarten Rights to worker safety

Know the essential workplace rights you have as an education worker in California. They range from your right to union representation and a safe workplace to your Weingarten Rights. We include the CFT’s successful efforts to limit pesticide drift near schools and our guide to applying for unemployment benefits for part-time faculty in the community colleges.


CFT provides training opportunities for local unions

The CFT offers a wide range of training opportunities to help members and leaders build strong local unions. The training schedule may include in-person events and webinars. You may register for the two trainings listed further down on this page. There is no registration fee. 


Publications Catalog
Find the resources you need quickly!

Here you will find shortcuts to dozens of flyers, pamphlets and booklets that are posted throughout CFT website. If you need a flyer or resource quickly, this is the place for you. We’ve also included links to our online toolkits. 


Choose Union-Made
Your guide to union-made products and services

Americans are eager to support workers, but more than 80 percent say they don’t know which products are union-made. Finding union products can be difficult because few are labeled as such. And now that you can find anything online, it takes extra effort to support fellow workers by buying union-made items.